I started this project for my “Stylized Characters in 3D” class with CGMA, taught by mentor Hannah Kang.
I had a lot of fun taking the class and I’m glad I finally finished this character!
Sculpted in ZBrush with retopo and UV mapping in Maya. Textures were done in Substance Painter. Lighting in Maya and rendered in Arnold 5 with the ACES color scheme.
I want to thank everyone who helped me with this character and especially Hannah Kang for her teachings, she is a great teacher. All the feedback provided was super helpful to improve this character!
This fantastic concept was made by Philippe G Ramsay!

CaveWomanHIGHT1_2 https://youtu.be/ePlwPLj-N_M
“Cavewoman” by Philippe G Ramsay
Screenshot_2021-01-31 camilla scala ( camilla_scala_art) • Foto e video di Instagram(2)

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Nicely done @camilla_scala Congrats :ok_hand: