Catwoman Statue finished

Hi all! Very happy to show my finished Catwoman statue here! I just love this character and thanks to Bill Finger y Bob Kane for creat it! Here you also can see my concept art, my start point to make this beautiful statue.I hope you enjoy! I learned a lot

with this personal project and i will keep with the hard work with another great project! Thank you!

More images on my artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/ferol

Catwoman_statue 000.jpgCatwoman_statue 02.jpgCatwoman_statue 01.jpgCatwoman_statue 00.jpgCatwoman_statue_10_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_09_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_08_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_07_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_06_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_05_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_04_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_03_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_02_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_01_ferol.jpgCatwoman_statue_30_ferol.jpg

My god i would love to print it!!

Amazing figurine, bravo!

Thanks Lebaje! I really appreciate your enthusiasm!