Catwoman (Jim Lee's)

Was gonna enter the Gameartisian’s Comicon contest with this, but didn’t have the time. Yes, she will have her whip. All comments and crits are appreciated as usual. Thanks :slight_smile:


That good huh? :cry: Well, here is an update anyway. Pretty much done with the high-rez (barring anything I need to change as comes to my attention through helpful feedback :)) I will blue out the weird nipples from the subdivision on the normal map.On to texturing. Any and all comments and crits are welcome. This means you.

Looks cool, but with smaller brest will look a lot better and more elegant. Just imagine her jumping from 2 meters high.

Its very cool…

I couldnt do that so I hate to C&C but if I had to I would say the wrinkles are too ‘lumpy’ and on a skin tight leather/vinyl costume they would have more surface tension and be ‘crisp’.

Also why are her nipples inverted ?

Nice work, it’s looking pretty solid. My only crits are that the pose is looking slightly akward for such a neutral position. It just makes it slightly difficult to read.

Also, some of the clothing wrinkles need some tweaking. Her shoulder blades are cleary poking out, and should be creating a tension point, but it doesn’t seem to be effecting the creases at all.

My favorite part on this so far is the head and form of her face. I like the full lips, straight nose, and very feminine jaw line.

I agree with the wrinkles comment above. In addition, the wrinkles don’t seem to belong in many of the areas that you added them. ie…where the suit would fit tight on the skin. I also don’t think the boot style fits with the character…they seem like they would be a hindrance to her leaping around deftly.
I’m feeling the original flat belt rather than the beaded version you have in the update.

It will be cool to see her posed and rendered in some dramatic lighting.
Keep up the good work. :+1:

this is awesome keep it up, i like how you made it looks updated and nicely done =)