Cassowary assets modeled in Maya & I did some sculpting in Zbrush,Mari for the texturing ,I used software maya Xgen and Fibermesh for groom ,
Rendered in Arnold also did some wip composting in Nuke & Photoshop.

Time Laps Breakdown
[The most dangerous bird in the world - YouTube]

frm01 frm02 frm03 TT

PS_Layer PS_Layer_frm2 Xgen


That’s a fine looking murder-bird! Thanks for posting the elaborate breakdowns as well.

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Thanks :blush:

Looks like a lot of time and effort went into this. The result is excellent!   :+1:
The backlit image is cool too.

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Darun darun hoyeche​:+1:

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Tumi acto guide kore dio,dada

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Thank you so much

Kaj ta very attractive…TOP ROW quality work​:ok_hand::ok_hand:

nice work!

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Na nana ,ota tomar

Thanks ,Shashi

TOP ROW work :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Great piece all around, you’ve done a nice job on the skin sculpting, form and details :+1:

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Thanks for ur appreciation.

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Amazing work bro, the sculpt texture lookdev are excellent, and all these hardwork came out as an excellent final Output, Keep it up


amazing work

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Congratulations for the top row…Ki bolechilum

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thank you for appreciating my work

thank you dude you for appreciating my work

i’m glad to be working with you