Carver's Sketchbook (tutorial added Pg. 4)

Really nice work on the Bridgestone stuff Carver, I have been enjoying these spots since I 1st saw them. Congrats!


Very good work! This campaign is very cool, i like this concept. It must be cool to see your 3d work printed and used as real props instead of CG post effects.

Congrats Carver! Very cool work! Cheers, David :smiley:

Really well done, so much cooler to have them as practical objects

Some spin on those ball … Xcellent saw it yesterday at the game !!!

Haha! Nice! Good job pushing for Rapid Prototyping. They turned out great, and I’m sure they were happy with the quality of the patterns using a 3D printer.

I was not expecting a puck, haha… The basketball really shows off the tread, especially how the pattern converges on the sides shrinking smoothly.


Todd - Thanks, I think the whole ad campaign is brilliant and different from the standard " See close up of tire devour the road" ads.

Nikholax - It is always a blast to see something you’ve done emerging from a printer. Most of my career has been creating props and sets for film and Theme Parks. I do love creating in a 3D environment too. Same process with different tools.

Chalkman - As always, thanks for your support.

Drakelot - Thanks. You should check out the whole lot on YouTube!

Maury - Thanks! Rapid prototyping is coming on stronger and stronger. The prices are coming down and new systems are emerging every day. My best friend has an Objet Allaris as part of his tool arsenal. Most of these parts were printed on the big Zcorp machine, and others were printed in nylon on an SLS machine.

Laying out the UVs was the most time consuming part of this whole process. I grouped the different areas of my base model and unfolded them with UV Master. I shot them over to Maya via GoZ and laid the UVs out in a rectangle. That way I didn’t have to try and warp the tread pattern to fit the original lay out ( I did use that method at some point, but the pattern had too much distortion in it ) By constraining the UVs into a rectangle, it reliably forced the tread texture to evenly “dive” in on itself. It is certainly nothing new, but for me, it was the best and fastest way to get there.

I used the new texture map to mask my model, and then used the inflate slider in the Deformation palette. There is always some noise and stretched polygons in the mesh after this process. I attacked that by first duplicating the mesh, switching to the duplicate, Dynameshing the model, and then reprojecting onto the original. My last step was just going over the whole thing with the H polish brush and chasing over the surface. I will knock together a little tutorial on this, if anyone would like to see it.

Man that’s super stuff and great way to use zbrush! grats for the top row!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Great joker model and I bet Bridgestone are happy about the free advertising on the top row. :sunglasses:

Excellent! Two of my favorite things, digital sculpting and football all in one:)

Great work and congrats!

That’s some pretty incredible stuff, mate.

Love the real life render, looks so cool !

I would love to see how you did it, the processus of thoughts behind it really interest me :slight_smile:

Great job

Outrages really love it what you can do with zbrush!
Best program in the world, great work on all Mr Carver :slight_smile:
Best regards,

Brilliant Concept! Love it!

sorry about this got two really stupid questions may be three what material were the balls made of? did u use any of the digital versions in the final production? :confused:

Awesome stuff. I love how versatile this program is. Seeing stuff like this just makes me love it even more.

I like how Bridgestone says their “engineers” merged their tires with sports, lol. Great job man! :+1:

Very cool stuff.

You should talk them into doing some prints with Objet’s rubber like materials: http://www.objet.com/3D-Printing-Materials/Overview/Rubber-like/

Thanks for sharing. It’s interesting to see how you used ZBrush for this project. The end result looks really nice, well done.

That is an awesome workflow for that project. It’s so cool that everything was eventually 3d printed too, how satisfying to see your sculpts turn into real-life objects, and for such a cool commercial. Congrats!

Thanks to everyone for posting comments, I will be posting a more personal list of thank you’s after I get a better visual presentation pulled together. My hat is off to Etcher, putting together a nice tutorial is a lot of work! I hope to get it posted tomorrow morning (pacific time folks!). The top row is such a nice surprise. Huge thanks to the Pixo crew for the nod. Still blown away.

See ya in the morning!