Carter's Sketchbook

Greetings fellow ZBrush fanatics
A few years after dipping my toes into Sculptris, I’ve taken the journey to pursuing ZBrush. With the help of ZBrushWorkshops, I’ve finally crested the learning curve and am now in that happy zone intoxicated with the possibilities this powerful tool opens up. There’s still a long ways to go before I can measure up to the flood of astounding works displayed here daily, but hopefully this post will keep me focused.

Unless otherwise noted the sculpts to follow will be done entirely on a Surface4 Pro (i7, 16GB, 512SSD) I picked up a year ago.

Let me start with greetings for the Lunar New Year:

Lots more detail I want to include, but it proved to be a good exercise in applying many of the techniques I’ve learned so far.





Sculpt looks good man, great start! What matcap is this?