Carlos Huantes Concept

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This is a model I made of the carlos huante concept, sketch #1, as seen here:

[http://www.carloshuanteart.com/gallery-drawings/images/sketch001.jpg](http://www.carloshuanteart.com/gallery-drawings/images/sketch001.jpg) I used Maya for the base mesh, zbrush for the details and textures, and rendered the final image in Mental Ray with the SSS shader. Post-work was done in photoshop.

image removed.

very kewl monster head…I could see this really tearing into somebody’s face…My son thinks it looks kewl as well…he said it reminded him of the monsters on the Doom movie…

I love the design.



Nice job!

I like the colors and textures. :+1:

really nice job! i just bought a couple of Huante books. that guy is amazing! his is seems tailor-made for zbrushing!!

Cool! I love Haunte stuff. His work is inspiring. Cant wait to see how this turns out! looking great!

cool work but you must finish it !:+1:

image removed.

nice render.

add some drool! yeah :slight_smile:

classic shot, almost Alien movish


First off, nice modeling.

Quick question…did you get Carlos’ conscent to use this charactor?

I ask because I am the guy who comissioned this work, amongst others on his site, and their is some concern about it being used elsewhere.

I don’t mean to detract from your efforts here, but it is of some imporance.

Your cooperation is appreciated.

Thank you.

~Brian Wade

Hey there Mr Monster:

I did not ask Carlos if I could model the monster.

From what I am aware of, I can model concept art (or even trademarked characters) and post images of my models as long as I am not attempting to make a profit off of my artwork and if I credit the artist.


Thanks for your reply.

First, I believe that in these forums, and elswhere, it is common practice to ask permission to use an artists image. This is done so for several reasons, amongst them, to protect the rights of those that do own the images, and as a show of respect towards the artist, and his personal wishes in regard to the image.

Owning an image allows one the absolute right to control its use, weither for profit or otherwise.

Carlos is allowed to display his work, as is the common practice amongst atists.

Without wanting to start a further debate, please be advised that I am requesting that you kindly please refrain from further use, or display of this charactor, and that you deleate it from these and/or other forums.

Thank you for your coopration.

~Brian Wade

Hey there Mr Monster.

Im going to send Carlos an email and see what he says about the image.

From my point of view, I am not using Carlos’s image, but using it as reference, which I think is perfectly acceptable. Ive seen the Hulk, Venom, and all sorts of other characters modeled and posted on various forums.

Either way, since you asked earlier if I had asked Carlos, I will ask him now and if he says no or doesnt reply, ill take it off. Would that be acceptable? :)

ps: I tried to send you a private message regarding the matter but your mailbox is full.

Hey there Mr Monster:

I emailed Carlos and he stated that he did not mind, but I am aware that the design belongs to you, so if you still want me to take down the images, I will.

However, I would like to re-iterate that I am just a student that is looking for critique, and I actually go to school just a few miles south of Studio City @ Gnomon.


Dyaus, it is a very nice model and texturing job you have done.

Brian - Without meaning to inflame the discussion…I hope you can answer a couple questions.

  • How do you determine whether or not a creature design that you are working on is legal for use? Especially in the instance where you are the person doing the design versus being commissioned from someone who has already acquired the legal rights to the design.

  • What/how do you recommend acquiring permission from an artist to use/post a design that you may have been inspired by and are not going to financially profit from?

The more I look at the excellent designs out there, the more I realize that the essence of some ideas in my own creative place have been done in some miniscule part by someone else. It is very difficult to design something 100% original without taking some inspiration (even if its only 1/100th of a percent) from someone or somewhere. How do you repeatedly come up with something 100% original?

Again, my questions are not meant to be inflammatory. I TOTALLY understand and agree with your reasoning for respecting the rights of the artist, even if the person “borrowing” the idea is not profiting financially or professionally from the design.


Hi dyaus,

My position remains the same.
I appreciate that your a student, truely.
But please keep in mind, that I also am a zbrusher, like your self.

Concider that if you had commisioned some artwork, to be used as you saw fit. And someone else was using it.

Let’s say I had wanted to do a sculpt, or Zbrush model of it some time, what now? Must I wait in line behind you?

Please understand.
Again, I would apprecite your immediate cooperation on this.

~Brian Wade

the images have been removed.

Even though Dyaus is in the right, I can understand removing the images out of consideration.

I don’t think this should necessarily stop you from including the image in your portfolio though.