Carlos Garcia Sketchbook

Hello guys!!

I’ve been using Zbrush for a while but this is my first time posting my art here. I just love to sculpt stuff in Zbrush, mostly creatures. So check out some of my personal work and leave a comment if you want.

These guys are called Crab Toads:

I used Zbrush and Photoshop.




Very cool. I like how it looks like you have both male and female members of the species. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comment man!!

A Dug Bounty Hunter I made for the 3D Fan Art Challenge - Planet to Planet contest. The goal was to sculpt and already existing alien character/creature but also add a personal touch on it. I choose a Dug (created by Terryl Whitlatch) and made him a little bit beefier. I also added some pieces of armor, a couple of deadly weapons and a terrible bad attitude!


The crab-toad design is very special and looks really great and believable to me. I like the little individual differences between their bodies. The dug is very well executed too. Keep up the good work, man!

Love the Dug bounty hunter, great stuff!

Awesome stuff! Congrats!

That thing is awesome enough to be in the Top Row in my opinion. It’s beyond imaginative.



Syrus Thanks so much man! I just love creature design and I took my time to create those Crab Toad guys trying to make them look believable. So glad you liked it!

tidyfiguremaker Thanks man! Dugs are badass thugs!

Razaur Thanks man! There’s more to come!

EricShawn Oh man… Thanks soooo much for the kind words! That’s the best way to start the day!

Hello again! This is a Kaiju I have been working on for a while. This guy’s name is Buredo and he has some serius anger management issues. I was going for a more classic Godzilla-film style (All Monster Attack - 1969) for the final render. I just love the look of those movies: from the color palette to the grainy image.
I have a more detailed description in my blog.



Fantastic work!!!

Thanks man!! Glad you like my work!

New monster here! Her name is Curanku and she’s one of the deadlest Kaiju out there. My main inspiration for the final Render was definitely Pacific Rim. I just love how saturated each frame of that movie looks!


Hello again guys! This is Barnabas Marsh from The Shadow over Innsmouth (H.P. Lovecraft).


THIS IS AWESOME.great design man.keep it up.:wink:

amazing post dude

Thank you so much guys!!

Sorry. I posted a new Thread in the wrong place.

Hey guys! This is my rendition of Etrigan the Demon from DC Comics.
I remember I first saw this guy in the Flashpoint Paradox Animated Movie and since then I wanted to sculpt this Demon in Zbrush.
I used Substance Painter for Texturing and Marmoset Toolbag 3 for Rendering.


Unbelievably cool version of this guy! Bad ass work!