Caribbean Mermaid

Hello everybody! This is my latest work I did using Zbrush 4 R2 in most of the process. I did the rendering in maya using mental ray. I did this work based on the art of Tony DiTerlizzi. I really want to thank Tony for his encouragement and for posting on his blog under Friday Fan Art. I hope you like it!


Some references:







Great to see a fresh take on a standard creature/character. Love the lobster tail. She is a beaut!!:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I like it! Nice, clean sculpt with a nice flow. :+1:

nice job! :slight_smile:

wow, beautiful mermaid !!! and, one of the best video presentations of a model i have seen. great work !

Beautiful work! :+1:

That’s a very refreshing and original take on a mermaid! :):+1:

Wow thats a beautiful model and a really nice design!

Looks great.

Hi guys! I’m glad you enjoyed. Thanks a lot for the comments! C & C are welcome! :):+1:

For sure Top Row potential mate! Really amazing work on the mermaid character!:+1:
Really great character design, totally love the vivid colors and the well-though clean sculpt!
the turntable is great aswell, great atmosphere with a great artwork!

  • Kenny:)

Hi KC-Production. Thanks for the comment:+1:. I’m posting another image showing a little bit most of modeling, because the shader used in the other image hides the details and leaves cleaner than it looks.

amazing how youve managed to get such wafer thin meshes… how was the “hair” done?

really great top row for sure. clean and super detailed.

thanks for sharing.

cheers masc

I’m really not sure what standards they use to put something on the Top Row. The works that do get up there usually do really deserve it, but then there are great woks like this that get totally overlooked. I think they should institute a voting system or something, because too many masterpieces get lost in the shuffle as it is. I love your mermaid and I think it deserves to be up top.

Hi guys! Thank you for the comments and for spending your time visiting my post.:wink:
tyrellcorp - Hey man, I did the hair using nurbs curves in Maya. I did so for later use them as rig.:+1:

Make sure to rate the tread and bring attention to this wonderful art!

sadicus - Thanks for the comment! :+1:

Hello everybody! I did a new render for Mermaid… I hope you like it!


the render has really come out well :smiley:
i even like the texture and concept