Capturing Zscript playback

Being a bit of an idiot :mad: (and a pretty bad modeller), my main Zbrush use is to paint something interesting and attempt to capture the process (using Zscript playback) for use in avariety of ways in video production.

I have tried many options and found this to work best
(1) capture a 720 x 576 region in Easy Video Capture
(2) frame blend the avi resulting in After Effects
(3) speed the thing up 300% in Prem Pro 1.5

However, I can’t get rid of the red point :b4: during Zscript playback.
A simple procedure I’m sure ,but I’m stumped. Can anyone please help?


The result is a less-smooth playback (because you only see the end result of each stroke) but you can do this if you edit the ZScript text file.

Open your recorded script in a text editor and put a comma followed by 1 at the end of each Canvas Stroke, within the end bracket, e.g. replace:


If you use your text editor’s search and replace function you can speed up the process but only do it for the ‘CanvasStroke’ commands.

Save you file and reload it into ZB. Playback should be without the red dot.

Edit: Better method than above:

If you record a movie of your script playback with the ZBrush movie recorder (Ctrl+Shft+O) then the red dot is absent. No need to edit the script file.

It is possible to record a movie within ZBrush at a different size than the default and then export this as a series of sequential images for importing into Premiere. Check out Pixolator’s second post inthis thread for details.