Captain blackbeard - Personal project

Hey Zbrush community this is my first post here, I always wanted to share some of my work in the zbrush thread but my skills aren’t quite good enough in compared to the amazing work that is around here, so hope this post help me to continue improving my skills and share more stuff in the near future :D.

By the way, this is my last personal project that I’ve been working on for 3 months, I did this as part of online workshop with the awesome artist Pete Zoppi, he gave me tons of tips that improved my skills as character artist.

This character is based on the “Wild Sea Pirate” concept by Eve Venture, I did some changes on the fly but always inspired by his work and other references.

So I hope you like it and please feel free to leave any C&C.

Have a great day.



Quick tip: How to add an extra layer of details to your texture? use the XYZ displacement map previously projected onto your mesh and add it as a layer on top of your base color in overlay mode, check the example below for a better understanding.

I hope this helps to your future projects :slight_smile:
Take care.