Cap. America 1/10 - IRON STUDIOS

These are official product images of Captain America - Sam Wilson (1/10 scale) in which I worked as a sculptor at Iron Studios. The final statue is the result of the entire team’s effort.

Concept artist: Daniel Senna
Sculptor: Gustavo Grazziano
Sculptor (of the Head): Leo Sakamoto
Painter: Marcelo Guerra
Lead artist: Junior Guerhard
Art director: Igor Catto



Just awesome. Thank you for sharing so much. Love the movement you put in the sculpt.

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Thanks a lot! :grin:

Awesome job to you and the team, this piece is dynamic as hell, I love it!
Really enjoyed the Disney+ series and I can’t see more from this new Captain America character in future MCU content :grin:

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Thanks Kyle! :grin: