Can't get back into edit mode after accidentally snapshotting

Hey there. I was sculpting on a subtool recently and I guess I accidentally went into snapshot mode, however pressing ctrl+n like Pixologic’s video suggests clears everything including the subtool. I can’t go into edit mode to just click on the model or anything so I’m not sure what exactly to do. I can’t select any of my other subtools either.

This is incredibly frustrating so any help would be appreciated.

Hi @chrisgraydev ,

If your active Tool is still in Edit mode, you can just press ‘F’ to re-frame the canvas to your Tool. If you have left Edit mode for some reason and cant simply toggle it back on, you will need to re-draw your tool on the canvas and re-enter Edit Mode. Please see the “Basic Concepts” documentation for information about this subject, and how to re-enter that mode.


Hey there, so when I clear the canvas I can’t seem to re-draw any of my subtools on the canvas. It just makes the copies. I have no idea why I can’t re-draw the subtool without making duplicates or how to re-draw the whole tool and can’t see that covered in the basic concepts documentation. When I clear the canvas there is literally nothing left. Hope that helps clarify the issue.

If Edit mode is not active, then you are drawing in 2.5 D mode. The tools you draw while in this mode are only 2.5D images of the mesh. You must draw out a copy of this tool, and then, before doing anything else in the program, immediately toggle on Edit mode (T) in order to edit it as a 3D Mesh. This is explained in the documentation I linked you here.

Otherwise you will need to document what is happening in your program with full, un-cropped images of the entire interface in order for us to have any idea of what’s happening.

Thank you!

Hey there, thanks for the response!
I managed to get into edit mode this time and I can see there’s still a preview of the model in the top left but it seems to be completely invisible, so that explains why I can’t drag out a new tool. I tried filling the object with colour from the colour menu but that doesn’t seem to help. Here’s what the preview looks like.

Hi @chrisgraydev

I’m afraid I don’t know whats going on here. If the tool is in Edit mode, pressing F should re-frame it. It’s possible your tool is problematic in some way, but here are some mundane possibilities.

  1. Turn off Live Boolean mode. This affects the display of your subtools.

  2. You have the floor grid switched on, but there is no evidence of it in the frame. This suggests that your viewport is not centered on the mesh. Press F, then zoom out.

  3. Switch on Tool> Display Properties> Double. If this is not on then any polygons facing away from the viewing plane will be invisible.

  4. If the subtool has any hidden geometry, Shift+ Ctrl clicking in empty canvas space should un-hide it.

  5. The thumbnail for the SkinShade4 material does not look correct. This could be due to a change you’ve made to either the scene’s lighting or material settings. Make sure the file has been saved as a ZPR, then restart ZBrush and use the Tool> Load Tools from Project function. This will bring all the tools from that project into a new scene at the default settings. If your problem was due to a change you’ve made to your scene settings, this should resolve that.

As always, make sure none of the subtools in your file return any errors with Tool> Geometry> Mesh Integrity>Check Mesh. Meshes with these sorts of issues are not safe to use in your work, and can be broken in some pretty weird ways.

If nothing I’ve mentioned above lets you find the problem, or if the skinshade4 material looks that way (under-lit) even in a brand new ZBrush scene, please contact ZBrush Support. There may be an issue with your installation.

Thank you!