Cannibalistic cook

Hi! )
This is my new monster
( Maya, Zbrush, render by Zbrush )




…shoes! :smiley:
Cool modeling! :cool:

Looks great! Inspired by 300, perhaps?

Love it! :+1: :+1: :+1:
I think I saw this guy at the restaurant across my street.He makes wonderfull sauces. :smiley:

a very baaaadassss coook!:smiley: I just love his legs! Keep it up man!

He must be a Good cook. Looks like he hasn’t missed any meals lately, but it must be pretty tricky getting food into his mouth with those arm-gismoz.

looking cool. Wierd helmut mask thingy. Did you model the face under it or is the helmut welded to his skull?

Awesome character and xcellent blades

an extraordinary good model and brilliant design. :+1:
i like it a lot.

Great! Those shoes give him a special feeling.

:eek: Very impressive :eek:

Looks mean. I don’t want to eat anything he cooks :confused:

It’s the legs that do it for me:+1: - particularly as you’ve avoided the cliches and gone for something far more tangible and surburban with regard the overal physique.

Should have the fetishists eating out of your mask.

Thenks for the interesting comments))

brettSinclair: His helm it his “skull” like a insect’s chitin or crab’s testa.
j.c.: No) coccept i draw long time ago,easy idea - handblades and ugly fat body.:slight_smile:

Very creative. Great images in your other thread too.
I wish characters like this one were used in CG movies instead of… what is used in CG movies today,
(I’m being polite not mentioning popular characters:D ), well maybe someday…