Cannedmushrooms brushes and things thread

Thought I would make a new thread and every once and awhile share my goodies.
So for my first goodie basket I’m donating my skin alpha brushes.
I tried to label them in the zip so you know how to use them.
They range from skin pores to epidermis fractal color brushes. This is for the smooth skin stuff;)
The epidermis brush is also good on the female lips and makeup.



yay! more canned secret weapons!
as mr.burns says “exxxxcelllent”

I love free goodies. Thanks, Jason. Haven’t unzipped them yet, but I’m sure they’re great.

yeh thanks jason these will come in handy for my son project im working on at the mo :smiley:

Wow! Thanks Jason!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Jason!

Thanks Kason these are just what I have been looking for. I am already putting them to use. I have enclosed an image utilizing your alphas let me know what you think, and thanks again you have taught me so much on your site.

Sorry all I forgot the quality has to be turned down so far to get them to load that it wont show the detail.

Anyone mind re-hosting these? Im currently going tru Cannedmushrooms SSS tutorial (which is great btw :p) but all links for these brushes are broken and without them im pretty much stuck right before the fun stuff begins.

Hi Jason,

Can you please update your zip link. I really would love those skin brushes!!!

Thanks so much for all you do and all your time and energy providing us all with these fabulous tuts and goodies!! :smiley:

All the best

Richard ;-)~

Can you please update your zip link. I really would love those skin brushes!!!

Please, just can not get it right with the 3.1 smooth brush, Why change it ? Usedto work fine in 2.0 and 3.0 ? :confused:

Thank you canned, Your very nice for providing free resources =)!

Take care and keep up the good work on tutorials, they are very enjoyable and very very professional!

Been awhile since I update this thread but I made a cool alpha that I thought I would share along with a link that I can Just Dump Alphas In time to time so I can share a little faster;)


The skin Brushes are located also in this link