Canine ecorche - Dog Anatomy

A study I started over a year ago. It’s based on “Animal Anatomy for Artist (Eliot Goldfinger)”, “An Atlas of Animal Anatomy For Artists (W. Ellenberger, H. Dietrich, H. Baum)”, a lot of google research, anatomy youtube videos and some inspiration from fellow artists on Artstation.
The skull, overall volume and proportions are based on the german shorthaired pointer breed. I wanted to have realstic muscle volume without exaggerating too much. It was quiet a laborious project. Though I also used it to learn maya and arnold.
I hope it has some use for others as well,
Thanks for watching.



Gorgeously detailed ecorche frix :ok_hand: Excellent reference.

Pretty Cool man! loving it

Great study :sunglasses::+1::star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:!!

thank you guys. Glad you like it despite being just a boring study.

thats great

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That is awesome! Looks like my Vizsla! :dog: Thanks for sharing.

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I’d like to add a turntable I rendered.

Canine Ecorche Turntable

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Good day @frix ! first of all, amazing collection of works you have in here. I was wondering if I can buy a license from you to use your Animal Ecorche 3D model as a reference for my oil painting that I was hoping to sell. I hope I hear from you soon. Thank you so much!

Hi Frix, I have a YouTube channel with Animal Chiropractic.

Can I use 4 of your images in a video I’m making where I discuss the muscles of a dog?
Would I be able to take a screen shot of the images and use it to show people the Trapezius/ Lastismus, Brachiocephalicus, etc.

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I can give you credit and leave your contact info. I get a lot of views each month. Averaging 10M views per month.

YouTube: Animal Cracker

Please let me know.

I can use other diagrams, but yours is the coolest I’ve ever seen.
Big Fan.

Dr. Doug