Cane Tip Man

My office is littered with hundreds of small sculptures I have made in scrap plastic and window caulk over the past three years since I had to give up welded steel sculpture. Cane Tip Man is just that–a walking cane rubber tip with a small wood ball set in it and arms, legs, bellybutton , nose, etc made with window caulk tinted with water color. Reproduced in zBrush, he turned out rather well, I think.


Coming in on the left field with some sweet anarchy Brother. :grinning:
Any plans for 3D scanning found objects with a camera app and repurposing then as insert mesh brushes?

I am in left field with you! I certainly hope to get better at using the camera scanning apps. I can’t afford to buy any and the free ones seem to be written in Antic Geek --I mean Attic Greek–so my learning them has been slow. I really do want to know how to do it well and quickly. The truth is I can model or make some thing a lot quicker in clay and scrap than sweat through it in any 3D program. I recreate some of the items simply as a learning experience. I have no interest in drooling dragons or zombies, so I practice and learn by working on what I do like.
I have zip interest in working for a game company.

Mr Joseph Drust at Pixologic would be a good man to send an email to with regard camera apps.

Tell me have you dabbled with 2.5D work in ZBrush ? it’s very much an environment that throws up creative surprises.