hi i want to share with you my WIP of the candy , one of my favorite characters based on Angel Ganev concept art , any feedback is welcome , thanks



wonderful piece I really love it it looks so good. could you record a video of yourself doing the render I would really like to see how its done

i did the render in 3ds max and compose the passes in photoshop , i’ll make a video for you about the settings and the render comp

Hi, after see in a lot of artist doing the INKTOBER i want to do something but in 3d for this month so i decide to work this piece,
inspired by Angel Ganev work : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/wwLm5


beautiful render as well as the render.

beautiful sculpt and render…great work!!

thx a lot, now i work on adding more detail to the skin and make the hair look like a hair

after i did the first render of this piece i decide to go further into the detail ( hair,skin , render …) and i came up with this result thanks to anyone how give me feedbacks especially my friends.

More images :

first Pic link :

inspired by Angel Ganev work :

I love the hair : )

Cool :slight_smile: but i liked the sculpted hair more :stuck_out_tongue:

if you said so

Warrior Kid

hi, everyone it’s been a long time i want to do this character but i didn’t find the moment know her it is and also i found this the right character to learn Arnold for 3ds max PS : it’s my first use of arnold
inspired by Mehdi Annassi :http://thebadblood.tumblr.com/post/57876920864/more-random-themes-i-worked-on-this-last-month