Candy Rock Chameleon

Lucky to be part of the ZBrush 2020 beta team this year, and I gotta say some wicked new features! This one’s for you concept artists, this was my first go with the new suite of texturing styled tools, the xtractor brush is awesome, and the color shifting epic too. Check out the preview on youtube if you haven’t yet. Get excited, out next week!!


That’s great! The colors are striking.

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Great test Johnny as well as final render :wink:

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Wow Awesome work…

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thanks guys! really glad you like him!

I suspect that Mr Rampant licked a Cane Toad before color adjusting.
The kind of vibrant we can but dream of in Scotland.
Fabulous new posts :+1:

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you know that trick Boozy! Not ment to tell anyone, Haha, Cheers mate!

Absolutely gorgeous in all aspects! Congrats!