There’s been a lot of people wondering about the possibility of some sort of Community Halloween Challenge for the past few years. It’s been a while since we’ve had an official one, and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of one this year either. I think there should always be a ZBC Halloween Challenge since Halloween and Zbrush are made for each other. So if you’ll forgive me for being forward, I’ve just gone ahead and made one. If this is not cool with Pixologic because they have their own plans, or for any other reason, by all means please take it down.



In the grim darkness of the future, there is only…Halloween

Challenge: Conjure a spooky Halloween vision from the far future.

What might Halloween look like in the distant future?

What might classic Halloween monsters be doing in that time? Have they adapted to new worlds and technologies? Does Dracula still turn into a bat, or is he making use of jetpacks now? What new horrors might await us in the future? What new costumes might kids be wearing?

Play it for laughs, or fashion something truly terrifying. It’s up to you!

Rules: Create (model /paint/pose/texture) your Spooky Vision entirely in Zbrush. Render a final image in Zbrush, or the software of your choice. Use whatever image editing tools you wish at any point in the process.

Post any work in progress you wish to along with a final image in this thread. Deadline is Oct. 31st, 2016. Community voting will be held the first week of November. The winner receives the satisfaction of being chosen by their peers for the spooooookiest entry!

Good Luck and Happy Z-brushing!

Disclaimer: This is an informal and unofficial challenge. It is in no way sponsored by, endorsed by, or supported by Pixologic. It’s just for fun, folks!



cool, I will try to attend

I thought that I would make a Star Trek spoof, with Dracula as Spock and the Wolfman as Kirk. Here’s my progress on Mr. Spockula:



Hahaha, He’s so fun ! =D

Nice ears… lol :cool:

Today’s work on Count Spockula. The hands got pretty mangled mangled during the posing process, so I’m going to redo those before moving on to Captain James T. Wolf.


Getting kind of lonely in here…


nice job!!

OK, it’s been a week, and with the exception of a few nice comments on my own entry (thanks everyone!), I’m basically talking to myself in here. So I’m going to go ahead and cancel this thing to stop embarrassing myself further. It appears I greatly misjudged community interest.


I’m sorry about that, but we’re only the 9th of october, there is three weeks left, I personally doesn’t have much time to do many things, but since it’s a challenge, the goal is to achieve the highest quality work possible, so I did not plan to post before having at least a correct Wip, and it takes some time…
You posted your entry three days after the start of the challenge, you had 27 days left to push it… And during that time the other challengers (I hope they exist tho, at least I’m here ! :D) are trying to make more advanced stuff.

I can’t deny the challenge does not seems to have the highest scores… But I think it would have been worth waiting a little bit longer…
I think it’s quite normal to not have many posts at the beginning, to this you can add the fact that it’s an unofficial challenge with no prizes, and It’s posted in a small thread in a dark part of the forum…

I am sorry you reacted this way, but at least you tried, thank you for that, I will personally try to continue to work on my entry, It’s not big, but I don’t have much time and at least it would exist ! Trying to achieve a correct WIP for this week !

See you guys ! Bye !

I agree - closing it down is maybe a bit premature? I can’t make any promises here because i basically get a little bit of my lunch hour at work to do my sculpture each day, but I’ve made a start. Let’s keep the thread open and see what happens?

BTW - I don’t have a WIP yet but my theme is post-apocalyptic mutant cockroach trick-or-treaters. :cool:

@ Mandrin, foxtrotzulumilkshake

Sorry if I let you guys down. But the fact is that a couple people talking about a possible entry after 1/4th of the allotted has already lapsed is not really enough interest to sustain the idea of a community voting challenge in my opinion. Even if you eventually produce entries, which I hope you do—I’d love to see them–it’s clear there isn’t enough interest in the challenge to support it as a formal enterprise.

I went out on a bit of a limb here, but I suspect enough people aren’t really interested unless it has a Pixologic stamp of approval on it, or some sort of prize package. In retrospect, I’m a bit embarrassed by my own idealism on the matter, and would just as soon put it behind me. It probably didn’t help that it was stuck in the Challenge forum, which is a bit of a backwater on ZBC.

By all means, if anyone has a good idea please finish it! You never need an excuse to create. If you’d like to take over the challenge theme and run it yourself, please feel free to do so. You’d be better served posting your images on the main board though, since the Challenge forum doesn’t have advanced image features turned on. Few people see the images posted here.

Hi everyone, as promised, this is my first Wip, Ant it’s Cthulhu time ! It’s not futuristic yet, but it will be !
I’ll try to finish it on time for the challenge. :smiley: