Can Zscripting be used to listen and activate a command when a user does something?

Just trying to wrap my head around how much zScript is able to do.

Basically I want to have a script that takes a certain action whenever does something that’s part of the usual zBrush workflow (Basically adding in an extra action after every brushstroke).

Is this something that can be done in zScript? Or is it only useful for a “click button - take action” kind of workflow?

Ideally I’d like to add a check box toggle where the script activates if the toggle is on.

No, you can’t use zscript to do that. There’s a Sleep command which will monitor the user actions up to a point but it has drawbacks (it will exit if the user selects a plugin). So what you are wanting to do is beyond the scope of zscripting.

Darn, that’s what I thought. Thanks for replying! I’ll have to find another way to make this more user friendly.

Darn, that’s what I suspected. Thanks for replying, I’ll have to find another way to make this user-friendly!