Can ZBrush export Z-depth alpha maps?

Will ZBrush allow me to export a Z-Depth alpha map as an image? I would like to model a coin or medallion in ZBrush and use that image in a CNC machine to carve wax in order to create a final model for wax casting. Thanks!

Hello @Huertaaj

Yes. ZBrush can capture the Z-depth information of a 3d mesh, and export that image as an alpha. I cannot speak to whether this will meet the needs of your process.

You can position any 3d mesh in the viewport, and then use the “GrabDoc” button at the bottom of the Alpha selector pop-up menu to send it to the Alpha palette as an Alpha. This image can then be modified or exported in a variety of ways. Further information can be found here:


Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Huertaaj

You can also use “From Mesh” in the Alpha palette. It will export a PSD file with 16 bit depth and a maximum size of 2048x2048. If you need a larger size, you will have to change the Document to the size you desire and then use “GrabDoc” in “Alpha > Transfer” as Spyndel mentioned.

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