Can you check if geo is Masked?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer to this but I just thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone might know a super secret way.

Is there anyway to check to see if the geo under the mouse and/or geo that is visible is masked? Checking to see if “ViewMask” is enabled doesn’t exactly work because if there is ANY part masked that button is enabled.

Thanks for any info!

There’s no hidden command, I’m afraid. You can (sort of) do it by using PixolPick and temporarily hiding the unmasked part but this will only work for those parts of the mesh that are masked by more than 50%. Here’s the code:

[If,Pix1 == Pix2,
  [Note, "Not masked"]

Ah this is perfect. I never thought to use PixolPick. Great idea!

Thanks so much Marcus.

Follow up question:

I want to use,


to hide the Polygroup under the mouse. My question is, will “CTRL+SHIFT” be automatically recognized by Mac or do I have to do a system check first and then use CMD?

Does it work? I’m on Windows so I can’t test for you. Ctrl+shift hides other groups, you might need alt in there too.

Marcus’ solution does work yes. It doesn’t work perfectly for my particular need but it’s a valuable tidbit none-the-less :slight_smile:

[IKeyPress,CTRL+SHIFT,[CanvasClick,[MouseHPos],[MouseVPos]]] Hide all other Polygroups yes. I’m currently using that right now and it works on Windows. I don’t have access to a Mac either so I don’t know if it works on Macs:)

That should work fine on Mac OSX - there’s no distinction in ZBrush between Cmd and Ctrl. If you want me to test on a Mac then email me when you’re ready.