Can we sculpt this model using mouse?

This sculpture has been modeled by one of this forum’s members.
Can we model it just by a mouse and keyboard? (In ZB 4R8 and without tablet)

Assuming you have the necessary artistic ability, it wouldn’t be easy, but you can develop enough skill at something to do almost anything if you’re determined enough.

That said, there wouldn’t be enough money in the world to get me to try it. It would be like trying to perform surgery with a butter knife.

I would say yes!
Shore, you can make more controlled or precised moves with pen but I don’t think it’s that crucial.
Think it’s more important to establish good topology - mouse will follow it just as fine as pen.
And there is many different ways and techniques to accomplish same thing and where it’s really no difference, mouse or pen.
For example, using 2D images for making (modeling) different patterns on that model, using different ways for masking and controlling brush moves or any actions on mesh…

So, if you modeling some dinamesh and threat it just like peace of clay, than pen can make huge difference.
But if you can spend time and learn more i suggest doing it - makes much more difference than pen or mouse.