Can the toggle tray macros be combined in to one to close both trays at once

Hi I wanted a macro that closes both trays at once, and then “hits the tab key” to go into full screen mode.

I find myself doing this a lot, so I was trying to figure it out, I was looking at the toggle left tray and toggle right tray macros that are in zbrush thinking I could combine the two, and then add to that a full screen command. But having very limited scripting skills I cant.


Hi Susan,

This will close both trays and the float menu if the float menu is open, and reopen them all if it is closed. You can assign TAB to the button as a hotkey if you want.

ToggleTrays.txt (1.07 KB)

HTH,ToggleTrays.txt (1.07 KB)

Brilliant, that makes my ZBrush day.