Cammy White

Hi Everyone, this is my latest personal project. #Cammy white from #StreetFigther, Inspired by great concept by @AlbertoCamara (thanks for this beautiful concept And sorry I change it )

Actually she’s not on his Artstation Account You can find it here:

my major concern was doing all workflow correctly and practicing it step by step.The hard part was translating 2D art to a 3D Model. I changed and Add some parts that i hope make it better…
so I tried my best I hope you like it guys.


very very gooooooooooooood bro thumbs up

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Tnx bro…:pray:

Awesome! :wink:

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Thank you Mr Jaime , That’s very kind of you.:pray:

nice work man . . well done

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Tnx a lot. :pray:

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