Camille Case | Real-time Character

Hi…! I’m excited to share my attempt on the “Camille Case”- a concept by a great artist “Cedric Peyravernay”.
Ever since I saw the concepts created by him on his Artstation page, I was completely enamored by the style and his quality of the art.
Camille Case gave me an instant spark and I was like “this definitely needs to be done in 3D”.
My aim was to capture the emotions of the character and the message being conveyed in the concept. My general approach to creating this real-time character was:
Zbrush/Maya for modeling, Substance Painter for textures, Xgen for hair, Marmoset Toolbag for render and comp in Photoshop.
I hope you’ll like it. Please do let me know your comments on this piece.

Video Presentation

Marmoset Viewport


Beautiful work!

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I’m glad you liked it. Thanks :blush:

Nicely done, faithful to the 2D concept :clap: Welcome to the community!

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Looks nice

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glad you liked it.

thank you so much @Jaime means a lot. This is the very first post of mine and I am very happy to get such a great response.

nicely detailed! :slight_smile:

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Hi @GaganSingh

Very nice work! The grenade helmet is a nice concept by Cedric Peyravernay. :+1:

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thank you

@zber2 yeah, it’s so cool! btw thanks for the compliments

You’re great! Just the wonder you do it’s amazing.
Just a biginner I’m and wonder how do you color your 3D in Corel Paint and Photoshop----

@Cris2020 Glad you liked it. I didn’t use Corel Painter at all. All I used was Substance painter for the texturing process and did a final compile with a background in Photoshop.

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