Calventus - Sketchbook

Hi! I have been visiting the forum for years, but this is my first time posting here.

I would like to start with this character. This is my personal interpretation of an orc, not so beastly as the usual ones. I modeled it as an assignment for a workshop, using the base mesh we were provided with, and then continued working in the textures and materials. It was done using Maya, Zbrush, Photoshop and Nuke, and rendered in MentalRay.

Hope you like it!






I am having a problem seeing the image. Is it just me?

Nope, there’s only the thumbnail. I’d suggest reposting the image, Calventus.

Edited the first post, hope it works now.

Looks awesome to me. Nice variety of programs in your workflow too. What workshop was it for?

Thanks Ben! It was an online workshop by Rafa Zabala, senior modeler at Weta.

Incredibly precise work. Outrageous perfectionism! Great mood too.

Thanks austinbath, that’s very motivating.

Today I would like to show you my last finished work, based in a concept by Zac Retz. Hope you like it!

Viking Girl - Still 01 - Jose S Calventus.jpg

excellent work mate.
WOuld love to rig such a character and see it in motion.
Great character modelling skills :).

I so dig this cartoony style - awesome work!

Love this cartoonish style! And the way you modeled fibermesh!

I really like the style, well done.

Top row!

Love the viking girl! Great job!

Thanks, Cinoklu! I suppose so many hours of practicing at home are starting to pay off.

Thanks, VISEone! But I have just modeled a character based in an awesome 2d concept. The credits for the style should go to Zac Retz. This is the concept, if you feel curious: http://s.cghub.com/files/Image/184001-185000/184542/621_large.jpg

Thanks, uuderzo! It has been my first cartoony model in a loooong time and I really enjoyed the process of working on it. For sure I will try more cartoony modeling in the future. But I haven’t used fibermesh. The model has been created in Maya and Zbrush, starting from a realistic woman body. For the hair, I firstly sculpted it in Zbrush, decimated the mesh and sent it to Maya to use it as reference to create the splines. Then I used those splines to guide the 11 or 12 hair systems, one for each clump, in order to have more control. The fur is Maya Fur and it has been my first time working with it. All has been rendered in MentalRay inside Maya, and regarding the hair and the fur, I used the p_hair_tk shader.

Thanks, nickewan! As I said before, 99% percent of the style comes from the concept. Without the concept, I couldn’t have done it.

Hey, Alex! Nice to see you here. I think I’m still far from something like that, but at the same time, it motivates me to continue working.

Thanks, chief71! I agree with you. When I finished the orc, I liked it a lot. But when I saw the Viking Girl finished, I really liked it. She is the model that I’m more proud so far.

excellent … :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

Very cute, nice clean lines and colors. Wonderful translation of Zac Retz’s 2D concept.

Thanks, nirmalendu_paul!

Thanks, nyxia! My first intention was to create her as close as possible to the concept, but during the process, there was a moment when I started to see that the model had gain an own personality, so I decided to stop working on the likeness and left her as she was. I think I should sleep more…:laughing:

EDIT: Oh, I had completely forgotten it! I have add a couple of rim lights to the scene and I think that now it looks a bit better. What do you think?

Viking Girl - Still 01 vs 02 - Jose S Calventus.jpgViking Girl - Still 02 - Jose S Calventus.jpg

Cool! The rim lights definitely added a nice finishing touch to Viking Girl. :+1:

Thanks! I was so focused on the model itself that I forgot completely to put the rim lights. And definitely it made a difference.