calum5 2011


This is a wip ,few adjustments (repositioning of arm rest tubes)and texture to follow.A simple bpr 1 pass render…no postwork.
This is all one model so excuse the over decimated parts .
Just wanted to poke my head in and say lovin the new features and see if any ideas might be offered.

Cheers cal



I would keep it silvery! Just some dirt in the crevices and some nicely placed scratches.
Then play with DOF and stuff like that. Maybe a slight colortint.
Sculptingwise your pretty much done.

I spotted a space between the plates and the frontleg, it doesnt cut all the way down. It messes
it up for me! When you start texturing, please fix it!

Gave you the 5 stars in advance!

Good job!

Oh! I like the way the reflections play with the decimation. Please don´t try to fix it, even though ZBoys might complain. It makes it all look like it was cut by some ancient machine.

woOO!! I don’t know why, but i feel some Akira atmosphere in this piece! great job!

sweet! - can’t wait to see a serious render with some effects.

Just amazing! I love it … in my book it is top row right now! I can’t wait to see the finished work!!! :smiley:

very cool, can’t wait to see the final render.


Thanks guys,

Heres another from the series.Just a head.

Just a head, he says … magnificent! I would to see something of your workflow one day! Cheers! :smiley:

I like how this is heading, maybe break the repetition of the patterns, have small and large shapes, unique ones also. Maybe look at tribal patterns. Good work!

Nicely done, once again Cal! :cool:

Crazy detail, love the head!