Buying anatomy reference. Need help!

Hope this is the right place to post this.

I’m really trying to improve my knowledge of anatomy. I’m sculpting in clay and in Zbrush and I always run into these frustrating road blocks.

I’ve been thinking about buying one of the Anatomy Tools figures for a long time now and here soon I should finally be able to afford one!

If I get the male figure I’d be choosing between the Student Model, or the Art-pro model. Both are the same, just different colors from what I can tell.

Which would you get?

You can view them here. http://anatomytools.com/products/anatomy/?show=male_figures

If I choose the female model I’ll be getting one from the top row on this page. http://anatomytools.com/products/anatomy/?show=female_figures

Which of those would you get?

I may spring for both if my tax return looks good enough, but even getting one is a big investment for me. :lol:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hey guys, sorry if it seems like a dumb question. I’m sure I’d be fine with any variation, but I really just want some input as it is a lot of money to spend.

And if this should be posted elseware just let me know.


Save your money for zb5. There’s plenty of anatomy references online that you can learn from. Like this one and this.

I have the student model of the male figure they are well made and a good reference also looks nice on a desk amongst your books.

If you really want to learn anatomy though try and get the extra money and take one of Scott Eatons classes I got to take an intensive version of his course at a company I used to work for and the guy really knows his stuff and teaches it well I intend to take it again once I can afford too.



Thanks for the input. I know there is a lot of good reference out there and Ryans model is an outstanding learning tool! I just want something I can have right in front of me to examine. I know it seems a bit much, but I’ve really been wanting one of these for a long time.


Glad you like the model. Any specific reason to choose the student model over the art pro? Just curious.

And I have been eyeing those Scott Eaton classes for a while. Those and Ryan Kingsliens anatomy workshop. I’ll definitely be signing up for one of the two eventually.

Thanks for the reply!

I can highly recommend Scotts class he is a great teacher and knows his stuff inside out.

I just preferred the look of the student one I guess the only difference will be how they pick up light.

i’ve been using an online interactive reference for my anatomy troubles.
its pretty cool. has a male and a female model with lots of features to learn from.


hope this helps you out.
i sure did for me!

I have seen all the versions of the Anatomy Tools models; male & female, student, pro, and medical versions.

They’re very nice even as an art piece for display. If you’re sculpting with clay I would go with the art version. This one is unpainted and looks more like the sculpting clay. The student version is a monochrome painted version. Some of the details and shadows are painted in. This is why I’d go with the art clay one. The full color version looks very nice.

I don’t think you’d regret getting one, however I wouldn’t get two of them. I would save that money for classes instead, or new software or hardware. You’d get more out of it that way.


Hey thanks again. I’ll just be getting one of the figures, so as long as I have enough left over I’ll be taking Scott Eatons course. Did some research and he really does seem like the go to guy.


Wow! Thank you. That is a great site and I’ll be using it and sharing it with my friends as well!


Thanks for the advice. Looks like I’ll be getting the male art-pro model then. And you’re right I’ll just get the one. Maybe if I have money to blow in the future I’ll pick up the female model, but one is definitely good for now. I already have all the software I need and my machine is well beyond ridiculous! :lol:

Looks like I’ll be getting the male art pro model and putting the extra cash towards Scotts classes.

Thanks again everyone!


Now I’m torn between two of Scott Eatons courses. :lol:

I see he has the Anatomy for Artists course and then he has the Digital Figure Sculpture course. Both within similar price range. Both EXPENSIVE lol. I’m guessing I should just take the Anatomy for Artist course and then move on to the Figure Sculpture course when I get more money.

I did an intensive version of the anatomy for artists course it will go over everything you need if you want a grasp of anatomy

I think I’ll be taking the full enrollment version of that course then. The company I’ll be starting at in a couple of weeks says they would be willing to pay for any education that benefits them. I’ll try running this by them. If they wont do it then I’ll just bite the bullet and pay out of pocket.

Thank you very much for diverting my focus towards this course malc. :smiley:

Cant wait to dive in and make some meaningful progress!