Business Tortoise

Hey guys, this is my first time posting here, I just wanted to show you something I’ve been working on.

    I'm still pretty new to using Zbrush, and I decided it was time to put in a proper effort and try to sculpt something I've wanted to sculpt for a while. I learnt alot doing this project as well as had a lot of fun.  
    I started by building a base mesh with a combination of Zspheres and  meshes built in Maya. I then sculpted the high poly model and then remeshed it.
    I  projected my old high poly onto my new mesh and sculpted my very fine details.I then textured the model in photoshop as well as using Zbrush to paint in cavities etc.
      The model was then rendered by exporting several passes in Zbrush and compositing it in Photoshop.
    A big thanks to Scott Spencer who's Zbrush books have been so helpfull and informative.
Final Render




Jolly good!

great stuff alex :slight_smile: i’m from adelaide too :+1: and i studied at ttg tafe too :wink:

This seriously made me laugh! He looks like someone who’d bust a cap but he also looks just so damn ridiculous in that suit! :lol: Great work!

Nah Nic doesn’t know me

Sort of reminds me of the tortoise Mayor in Rango…




Turtles wearing clothes. One of my biggest fears.

Good sculpt!