Bulldog sculpt

Hello all!

This is my first post of finished work. My main focus on this project was to explore the fur and grooming tools. Figured a short haired critter would be a safe place to start. That, and my wife LOVES bulldogs (she gathered all my reference). Hope you like. C&C welcome.





so cute :slight_smile:

Nice work! Especially the hair. :+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:

I love these dogs too, but if snoring, grunting, snorting, drooling and farting bother you, then don’t get a Bulldog. :laughing:

you did it, excellent!! i dont see anything wrong

Very cool! You nailed the skin folds. Great use of fibermesh too.

So I’ve been warned. but who can say no to a face like that? :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very kind of you to say. I see a number of things I could have done better, but at some point you have to move on.

The fibermesh was quite fun to work with. Though I can see how grooming can be quite a challenge as the length of the hair gets longer. I’m hoping to slowly work with incrementally longer haired subjects as time/schedule permits. Should be a learning experience.

Yes very nicely done, the skin folds are very good. :+1:

Excellent job on this and yeah, gotta love those bulldogs. :slight_smile:


Very pretty. I love the hair.: Tu:small_orange_diamond: Tu:small_orange_diamond: Tu:

wow really cool! render it and this is top row material!

Hey Soulrebel, great job on the Bully. I must ask what were your settings for the short fur. I’ve been working fibers for a little bit now, and I still have a long ways to go. But your treatment of the bulldogs fur is excellent. I’m doing the Halloween challenge, and my subject is Cujo. So I’m trying to get as many pointers as possible. Kudos again :+1:

Sure, my pleasure! Naturally, the scale of your object matters, so adjust as necessary but the main fibers panel looks like this:


i used the Hair 2 material with some minor adjustment to the specular color and ambient settings:


Also, after I accepted the fiber settings, I used the GroomHairShort brush to vary the flow of the fur with the ‘Front collision detection tolerance’ reduced from the default 50 to 20 (again, this is relative to the object scale - whatever works). Under ‘Display properties’ for the fibers layer, i reduced the BPR shadows from 100 to 75.

The lighting was a simple 3 light setup. nothing special.


Hope this helps. Good luck with the challenge!

Thanks SoulRebel, this is so very helpful:+1:

Excellent render. My cousins have a Bulldog. He dribbles over everything and everyone, but we stil love him.

Do share some pictures of your cousin’s bulldog and like to say bulldog puppies are very stubborn and trained them in a proper way could be quite challenging. This type of bulldogs usually need proper attention, affection, best mood and love from their owner.