Bull vs Matador private commission

Private commission project.

Very particular project, it puts me away of my confot zone (super heroes theme), it was a very pleasent project to work.

Lot of study and lot of fun!


Hugs to all


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Very wel done, the most striking is giving the bull the same kind of proud stance a toreador takes when killing the bull. I alsoo think the sword is just extra, a bull would survive with 4 bandilla’s in his neck, but those would kill a toreator.

Liking the concept. Could become a new tourist souvenir in stead of the traditional bullfighting plastics that were ( are?) sold in Spain. In the 70-ties everyone who went to the Costa Brava for a fortnight came home with either that or a signorita doll.

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Nice idea :+1: But you’ve missed lots of documentation about bullfighting…

Thanks Kamion! it was an unussual request, love to do something different.

Thanks Nacho, it was not my idea, i was following the concept that the commissioner wanted.