This is Bud; my little spring creature, the sky gazer and a curious cutie…

I created him from one of my rough sketches inspired by awakening of nature.

Softwares: Zbrush, Maya, Subtance Painter, Arnold, Xgen, Photoshop



How you sculpted your details shows how skilled you are. Amazing image @ecem_okumus, great textures and render :clap:

Holy Cr%p thats brilliant…simply stunning design and execution

Thank you so much Jamie, it’s great to hear that!!

Thank you so much!!

Love the eyes! Thanks for sharing,


Extremely cool!! lovely creature/plant

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Stunning details, shading, texturing, sculpting, design. Awesome project :ok_hand:

Saw this on Instagram earlier thanks to one of the share accounts. The detail in this is incredible; it must’ve taken you a long time!

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Wonderful! Lots of character and detail. I love it. :+1:

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super adorable too, love it!

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Damn, nice work!

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no words… @ecem_okumus

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Many thanks Joseph!

Thank you!! :pray:


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Amazing work!!

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wow how cool is that!!!
the 3d craft is great ( Mesch texture light) but the expression of the character and the overall concept let us wonder what is this character seeing. It tells a story in my head!
Great job!

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this feels really unique. The design, the intricate details and the soothing color concept.
I’m in love with this project :slight_smile:

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Brilliant work, one of the best creature designs I have ever seen. Love everything about this piece.

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