Bryan D.S Scultps

Hello there my name is Bryan Da Silva and here is something Im currently working on, basically having problems with making thrusters on his back, which is my usual problem with these. The ones on the left are my concept sculpts for him and the right are the work in progress but anyway, hope its enjoyable to have a look at. Any suggestions or critiques are welcomed. Thank You



Hopefully they can bring this game back someday, Destroy All Humans- Cryptosporidium w.i.p


Destroy All Humans.jpg

Heres another w.i.p of Cypto,a better look and some detailing around his face, even changed his eye material since what I read he doesn’t have any true eye color and its only reflective


destory all humans closer look.jpg

well here he is Ive finished him all rendered in zbrush and composited in photoshop any useful tips/hints are welcomed including critiques or any comments


Cypto angle.jpg

Cypto back copy.jpg

Cypto front.jpg

Cypto side.jpg

Heres a batman im sculpting based on Alex Ross’ Batman



Heres an update to the bust, I want to get this 3d Printed which will be perfect to my small collection… anyways not much to do now just some small detailing now

looks good man,I think his lips are a little odd.:+1::wink:

Nice game art ! just take care of some areas , overall good work keep it up :+1:

Heres some angles of him, Ive already worked him up to turn into a 4in. 3d print, all thats left is buying it…I think Im done with what I have on him, I’ll now set him up and render him in blender3d

Well Im not going to do anything else on him besides the render but I consider him done…there was some problems doing textures in zbrush [His Cape/Mask] the seams kept
going on his face and shoulder which I didn’t want but had to deal with it
Now I just have to place my order on the 3d piece and wait until it comes
made and textured in zbrush rendered in blender3d

batman bust 2.jpgbatman bust.jpg

Ive started him right after I finished the batman rendering almost done with it, Im just working on the base part, not sure if I’ll turn it into rock

Invincible two days work done in zbrush along with textures rendered and applied textures in blender3d

invincible 2.jpginvincible.jpg

Something Im currently working on, Ive tried multiple times to get him started but deleted them but now this should be the piece ill be working on I haven’t added any fangs or hairs on his eyebrows yet, I’m adding more details on the dynamesh part before I can zremesh him so then everything can be easier to refine, plus the armor Ill be making

heres an update of what i have Ive just started concepting his armor parts (not shown) anyways coming along nicely

Ok I was having problems making armor :frowning: so I just thought I’d make him all jungle-ish this is what I have so far I appended the skulls from zbrush on one of the models…Im still working everything out and adding more pieces as I go

Heres an update

more progress on predator… Im adding things on him as I go including detailing, Im hoping to get this a 9 inch 3d print when he’s all done and posed

Im almost done right now working asymmetrical adding some details and polishing, then off to preparing him for 3d print

Looking good. If I may offer a couple of suggestions as I love this character - Predators are very large compared to humans so I would suggest shrinking the skulls quite a bit. Also - the skulls could use a little detailing like you did on the predator. Actually, there is a free IMM brush here that has a very nice skull in it that you could use as well. Hope that helps!

Thanks CREG Customs sure thing I will shrink the skulls a bit ( I inserted the skull so it matches the predator head is it was its head…it that makes sense to you) I will look for the skull that you’re talking about also…Thanks for the suggestion