This image is the result of many new futures that I learned recently. I think that in the future I will put more new versions of Bruce. What you think, can you tell me the surname of this Bruce?




lee :+1:

cool! means, i did it!:slight_smile:

absolutely fantastic, top row for me…Bruce Lee is a mith, a legend for me…this is a great tribute to a great Master

Fantastic Likeness, huge Bruce Lee fan. The hair looks amazing. Great Job.

beautifully done mate!

Did a great job, I ask you Chinese?
More exchanges in the future.
My work.

wow really amazing:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1:small_orange_diamond:+1: … i think it should be in Top row … the bump of the skin is so matched with the texture
a small tutorial would be great … or a small explanation

yes! you have great works man. No I’m not Chinese, but I’m fan from Little Dragon Lee :smiley:

“flow like a water” © great job! I recognized him even in little preview image! thats should be in top row!

you use just hair? ou hairfarm?


WOW!!!.. new wallpaper if you don’t mind.

Very great work! The head has personality!:+1:

The Dragon has entered the building! Great job!

Epic Bruce Lee. :+1:

This is the most amazing portrait I’ve ever seen of Bruce. Unreal - (As in: better than real).

Fantastic work… What was your process for his skin? Looks really good

Nice-Lee done!

thats really a great job! good work

"Don’t think…FEEL!!!’
Excellent work, great hair, texture, eyes def. TR