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alright, so heres what ive been working on. its a bruce lee model to be used as a game model (not for a real game, just personal use) there arent any normal maps yet, just texture work. waiting for the new version of zbrush and all its cool plugins. im not entirely sure why i redrew the topology on the leg that way, older mesh looked better. anyhow, its not a “game mesh” just one that was created to make it more efficient to resculpt the details in zbrush. texturing can use a bit more work. hopefully the images will help those with questions. love the shrink wrap script! i use it all the time, cant live without it.

modeling-zbrush and maya
texturing-zbrush and photoshop

-anh nguyen





wonderfull work :slight_smile:

oh but this is a must animate!!! :+1:

fantastic job so far!

I hope for your amusement you animate some of the expressions on his face you see in his movies, like when he is the finger shaking oops you shouldn’t have done that look.

would love to see some more. really good likeness.

oh yess! bruce lee hehe

very good work! nothing to crit.:+1:

Damn fine job Anh! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Really amazing work, man. :slight_smile:

This is a wonderfully elegant model.


P.S: Excuse my ignorance bur what is this shrinkwrap script?
Is this a script for Maya or ZBrush? XY Shrinkwrap Script?

Great work!! :grimacing: :roll_eyes: :+1:

WOW! great likeness, really outstanding work:+1:

nice work. Lets see some of those classic Bruce poses now:D

Tim- i believe its a MEL Script that conforms a mesh to another : the hi density (no topology) mesh to a lower subD topologised (now there’s a crommulent word for you) mesh in this case.
…correct me if I am wrong.


excellent work. Top row material

that’s superb!
as a big fan of Bruce

hey nice work.
may I critic a bit ?
the model is very nice, but I wonder about the maps, they look as there where self illuminate.
the hands are looking strange something is missing maybe a more visible wrist.
Maybe U should do something about the hairs too they look plastic.
hope u don’t mind about critics
great job in fact.

you should put a larger image of the Unshaded model…

thanks for the responses and crits guys.

el-d (almost right)…-tim, the shrink wrap script is a maya script that allows you to conform both lower res meshes to higher res meshes or vice versa.

bernard- yah ur right, it looks kinda self illuminated, the textures were a bit darker so i decided to up the brightness…guess i went overboard…as for the hands, they could use a bit more color to it to…more pinks and what not, looks too much apart of the arm. i could use a dirtmap for the shoes as other areas as well…oh and the hair! never tried painting realistic hair but im gonna try next time…i wanted to give a more stylized look for the hair cuz i was given 2 weeks to complete this model with textures so im happy with the results…i dunno if imma obsess over this…wanna start something new and improve from there…every little crit really helps though…now i iknow people do see the things i tried to get away with :slight_smile:

miguel- hey dude…yah, i tried to upload close ups of the higher res zbrush models a million times…evn now im still having problems…but heres a pdf of it…hope it shows up

thanks all

Hi Anguyen, hi el-d,

thanks for the info. Found the script on highend3d.com (mind wordwrap):


Seems Imre Tuskes site is down/moved, so I couldn´t check for an updated
version but will have to test the above version first anyway.



Hi ,

GREAT JOB ! 99.99 % BRUCE LEE , cose the original Bruce is 100 % …LOL

VAL PS. If U still have this model (and if u please share) , I m interested to animate this model ! My address is [email]linuxva@yahoo.co.uk[/email]

I like your model very much, but I wonder if the hair looks a bit too flat on top. I remember Bruce Lee’s hair in ENTER THE DRAGON being much taller and fuller compared to his Kato days. Also, his eyebrows looked bushier I think. Also, he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He was a bit more sculpted than you have him. Looking great overall, though. :+1:

“It’s like a finger pointing to the moon. Concentrate on the finger and you miss all that heavenly glory.” - Bruce Lee, ENTER THE DRAGON


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