Brodie's New Sketchbook

Hey all! This place has always been a somewhat intimidating area of incredibly inspiration. As a result of that, I’ve been lurking but not posting much in the past couple years. I have some updated artwork to share… starting with a single render of a character I did for Kris Costa’s Zbrushworkshop class. I hope you like it and I plan to post more pics and works soon.

Everything sculpted and textured in Zbrush… lit and rendered in Vray/Maya and comp’d in PS.




Great! The colors are pushed to a point where the work has become painterly. The textures work well with the overemphasized (in a good way) musculature.
Looks like a book cover for a post apoc. fantasy.
well done!

Really great…both sculpt/tedture and rendering

Thank you!


Thanks man!

I’m working on some new stuff, but it’s been awhile and I don’t think I ever posted some of my things from last year so I thought I’d share that first.





This is reworked from a sculpt I did a few years back… first time rendering with Keyshot



I’m working on a sculpt based off the cover of the 1st issue of the (awesome) comic Saga. I plan to print them out when I’m finished! Here’s Marco so far.



I don’t post a ton but I decided to do some Halloween inspired sketches and share them this week.
Here’s the first!
Frank - 1.5hrs



Hey all. It’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here. The past year has been absolutely insane for me and my family. My wife and I had a our first kid, I started doing my dream job of sculpting action figures and now we’re in the process of buying our first house in Hawaii! So much going on, hardly time to think. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I thought I’d share the very first toy project I did which was contracted to me back in Jan 2015. He finally hit retail so I’m FINALLY able to share some images from it. Four Horsemen Toy Design hired me to sculpt a Mattel Collect and Connect figure. This was an incredible opportunity as well as a HUGE challenge for me on a lot of levels.

1 - I’d never sculpted a toy before
2 - I’d never done a lick of articulation and knew even less about how to make it happen (Thanks Joe!)
3 - I’m more of an organic kind of guy… hard surfaces? PSH.
4 - There were no official art turns, just a handful of panels from Greg Capullo’s Batman comics

I had to figure all that stuff out on a super tight deadline. Thankfully, I had some old pro’s I was able to chat with and work through some of the roadblocks I hit along the way, included our very own, Joseph Drust… who I want to give massive golf claps to for all his help though the process.

On the toy end of things, as I mentioned there were no official turns of the character so I had to use Greg Capullo’s panels from Batman. Now, I love Greg’s art… but like any good comic artist… he cheats. Armor and steel doesn’t move and bend as conveniently as comics and video games would have you believe appear… much less function as an action figure. Another tick was that a ton of details were hidden in silhouette. So i had to make them up!

I was told “welcome to toy business”.

So, I made my own turns, using as much reference from Greg as I could… and sent them back over to the Four Horsemen for approval… got that and went to sculpting. After a few weeks, when I got to around 90% complete, I unexpectedly got an email from Mattel telling me that his depth, front to back could only be so big as it had to fit in the blister pack. In the comics, Justice Buster is a tank… he’s HUGE… In order to fit the dimensions, I had to literally squash him almost 45%. Again, welcome to the toy business.

Few things are more exciting than seeing your first toy project come to reality. I got to feel that sensation at last year’s SDCC where he was on display in the Mattel booth.

In the end, I was really happy with how he came out, though a few things did change. Originally, I’d put in about 22 points of articulation… when the final toy made it to retail, Mattel had simplified and cut that number down to about half. I also had an alternate “dramatic, wide spread finger, hand” Mattel decided they wanted two fists instead.

I’ve been working steadily since then on all sorts of toys for Four Horsemen/Mattel/DC/Warner Bros… ThreeZero… Icon Heroes… and others and I can’t wait for more to hit retail so I can share those as well!


whiteplastic render.jpg
Clay Render quarterFrnt.jpg
Clay Render quarterBack.jpg
JB SDCC.jpgClay Render Side.jpg




Hey all!
I haven’t posted here in forever!

Anyway, here’s another challenging project I did last year with Four Horsemen Toy Studios for the Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League 6 inch action figure line… (say that 5 times fast) The Flash. He was sculpted from scratch 100% in Zbrush off early costumed actor reference. Thanks.







A few renders of the 1/6 scale White Walker action figure I did a few years back for high end toys and collectible company ThreeZero. I did the full body sculpt as well as his ice sword, armor and hard material bits… soft goods (aka, pants) would be produced by the company to complete the look.







Late 2016/early 2017, I created three variations of Daenery’s pets for Threezero. Three different wing sculpts, combined with two different heads and body styles. I also sculpted a stand for them to chill on when they’re not hanging around the mother of dragons.







Here’s some quick keyshot renders and pics of the statue I did for Robert Kirkman’s Oblivion Song #1 from Image Comics and Skybound. They asked that the statue to be based off Lorezno De Felici’s artwork on the cover as much as possible, but slightly less stylized and with more realistic textures.

brodie-perkins-oblivion-song-frnt-222.jpgbrodie-perkins-oblivion-song-back.jpgbrodie-perkins-oblivion-song-alt.jpgbrodie-perkins-os-closeup2.jpg brodie-perkins-frtn-cvr1.jpg brodie-perkins-bckcvr.jpg brodie-perkins-img-4371.jpgbrodie-perkins-img-4375.jpg OS GG 03.jpgOS GG 05.jpgOS GG 06.jpg


OS GG 03.jpg

OS GG 05.jpg

OS GG 06.jpg