Brett Anthony Designs, New to Z Brush, Just Wanted to Get some Feedback

Hey everyone. I’m new to ZBrush and wow is this program amazing. I’m not much of a polygon points moving type of guy so this program just blows me away. The freedom to design and sculpt in 3d is really great. Anyways I have had Zbrush for a few weeks and I’m really not up to speed with the ins and outs but I’ve been able to rough everything and still come out with some stuff I think is cool. Any tips or instruction would be appreciated. This is the 3rd Model I have done so far. It’s called
“Natural Selection” I left the zspheres as the hair as a little zbrush appreciation.


Natural Selection.jpg

I like it man. Proportions and anatomy are fairly spot on but it looks like a work in progress. This is an awesome start to a badass finished piece. I’d keep working on it, pushing the predator’s cool gadgetry and armor forms, as well as the little details of the skin-tight pattern and the weight of his pose. But I’m diggin it.

This was really just a process of trying to learn the brushes and use which one I thought could get the job done. I now know I took the long way around. This program is really great.

That dudes a beast lol