Brendon Isaiah Bengtson's TWITCH STREAM Goodie Goodness Thread

Hello ZBC, it’s been an honor to be a part of this amazing community for many years and I’m all about giving back when and where I can. I started with ZB about 4 years ago and it has become such a vital part of my 3D Character and Prop pipeline. The support from the community and Pixologic themselves has been far beyond happy expectations. So this is one of the ways I want to give back.

I have been doing art based Twitch Streams (www.twitch.tv/BrendonIsaiahBengtson) a few times a week. Encased in each stream are little nuggets of ZB tips and tricks I frequently use in my own pipeline, and ones I figure out along the way. It’s a very dynamic process, who knows what you’ll get with each stream :). So, to make things more freely available I’ll be filling this thread with helpful tips and trick as well as info and peeks into what have been covered during Special Guest episodes. Stay tuned, this may get long.

If you have questions, comments, etc please feel free to ask away. I’ll be keeping an eye out for you :slight_smile:

Upcoming Event Info:

Bjorn Hurri - info coming soon

Here are some replays of my past events including Special Guest streams (oldest to newest):

Kurt Papstein - Creature and Concept Artist:
Creature Design in ZBrush (April 17th 2016): REPLAY PART 1, REPLAY PART 2

Justin Goby Fields - Ironklad Studio - Creature and Concept Artist:
Character Concepting in ZBrush (March 27th 2016): REPLAY

Brendon Isaiah Bengtson - 3D Character and Prop Artist:
ZBrush Anatomy Studies (Feb 27th 2016): REPLAY

Dan Roarty - Lead Character Artist:
Brendon Teaches Dan ZBrush (Feb 16th 2016): REPLAY
3D Character Art in the Game Industry with Dan Roarty (Jan 30th 2016): REPLAY

Milan Nikolic - 2D Creature and Character Concept Artist:
2D and 3D Character Development Episode 01 (Jan 17th 2016): [REPLAY

Thanks for tuning in and let’s get this show on the road :)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DccD2kmEsWw)


Art of BIB Twitch Streaming.jpg


really awesome work. It’s a very cool thing you have going on here. Love those events,
i really like kurts art so looking forward to that. So cool to se others sculpt, can be very informative.
I actually wanted to make a jewellery sculpting twitch, but never Got it of the Ground :smiley:

I’ll be watching for sure. Keep up the amazing work. I hope i someday can make stuff At the level you guys do.

Hey guys and gals, it was awesome having Kurt on the stream. His sculpting skills are truly mesmerizing. Here are the final renders of the 2 hour stream, 2 hours! Crazy.

KurtPapstein Renders.jpg

Much more to come on future streams so stay tuned. I’ll be adding a few of the tips and tricks Kurt showed us here soon.


KurtPapstein Renders.jpg

Awesome concept! I love the helmet with the hoses draping over its shoulders and flowing down around it.

Got a chance to do a private workshop for my Twitch subscribers today. The vote was to sculpt hands. So, here is the result of the sculpting lesson.
Don’t forget to check out the free streams at www.twitch.tv/BrendonIsaiahBengtson
If you’re interested in becoming a Twitch subscriber these types of workshops and their replays are available.

This is where the sculpt ended up in the time allotted. I’d go back and polish some things up if it was going to be a full portfolio piece but here is where the workshop stopped.