Breakdown of Flathead and Deadeye

Hey everybody! :slight_smile:

About a month ago Sam Alicea and myself finished a personal Wrestlemania inspired monster fight project we had worked on for 1,5 years. The original posts with more fight scene renders and the actual animation videos can be found on our Artstation.

Today we wanted to share a few images that break down the creation of the two beasties.

ZBrush was mainly used for the 3D blockout and first Detail Passes.
The other software packages were Maya, Modo, Mari, Substance Designer, Natron and Fusion. Final renders were all done in Redshift.

Thanks for dropping by, hope you like it and if you got any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:

I don’t consider myself much of a concept artist but I do enjoy drawing to bring ideas down to paper to have the mind free for the next one :slight_smile:

Started with a rough Dynamesh Blockout in Z. Keeping essential limbs such as arms, torso, head, legs etc. separate helps to adjust proportions without messing too much with the whole body.

Final ZBrush Detail Pass. Especially the shells were so much sculpting xD
In addition to the Displacement Maps extracted from ZBrush, we generated a second Displacement Layer inside Mari using Texturing XYZ sources and rendered them both together in Redshift.

Deadeye’s final sculpt looks rather simple detail wise. Sam asked me to keep it light as he wanted to do most of the detailing inside Mari.

Deadeye’s and Fleathead’s rendermeshes with both the ZBrush and Mari Displacements applied.

Stare Down! :smiley:


Looking really good Ben, thanks for sharing your eye candy presentation, final renders are awesome too :ok_hand:

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This is awesome work Ben :grinning::+1:

Awesome work!!! Thanks for sharing the concept drawings and wip images :sunglasses: :+1: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2: :star2:!!

Really cool sculpt! Great work :slight_smile:

Extraordinary. Thank you for posting those process breakdowns :+1:

This is awesome work :heart_eyes: :metal: :metal:

:metal: i followed your art for years and you are one of the best artist that i have ever seen :metal:

Really good and high level stuff,

This is something I was dinking with in Blender.

Very cool. Great character concepts, deadeye with his tentacles is my favorite.