Brave Sword

Digitally sculpted in ZBrush and rendered in Octane.


Nice and pretty cool how you achieved this painterly look. Do you have any breakdown?

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Very Nice Style MarcelloBaldari

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it’s an ai generated image from Mid journey , no ?

Thank you :blush:

I sculpted the character in Zbrush, based on the concept obtained with Mid journey.

Nice :+1:

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AI like Midjourney are challenging the creative aspect of an true artist and a creative mind,
Creativity is in born and developed over years of self training, although Apps like these can be used for inspiration but will never come close to originality of a creative brain for sure…

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I agree with you, my dear.
As we all take inspiration from the great artists who make and have made the history of art, no one forbids to be inspired by AI that are the result of technological development.