Brain-Pain : Make ZModeler Elements Hover and Gizmo 3D Deformers Cone Hotspots Less Fiddly?

Hoping maybe at least one other person can relate to this, it’s something a bit frustrating that I’ve been meaning to mention for a while.

I love ZModeler (bevel sort of does half of what I want, would love a separate fillet and chamfer) and the Deformers under the Gizmo 3D Menu are mostly fantastic!

The main issue I have is just how incredibly fiddly the selection hotspots are under my pens cursor. Hoping that someone knows of a way to maybe make them less so, as I cant find it if it exists?

In the case of ZModeler (And I’m totally aware of the “Do Nothing” setting which I use constantly) edges and vertices/points seem to require the steady hands of a vascular surgeon anchored to the foundational core of the Earth to select consistently.

I don’t have the shakes or anything, but I’m also not a mercenary sniper able to stop my control my heart beats. :sweat_smile:

Whether it’s on a Wacom, or directly on the screen of my pen enabled laptop, Its a constant pain of missing and hitting the wrong mark, slows things down and make things a bit tedious and frustrating, even with geometry slightly denser than Low-Poly 4x4x4 cubes, without zooming right into the element itself.

In the case of some of the Deformers, the Cones can also be extremely painful to use at times, very, very fiddly and too closely clustered together with some deformers. Maybe some sort of cursor snap, or a drop-down menu could be added?

Maybe there is a way to adjust the hot-spots, or cursor sensativity around the selection elements and cones, or perhaps this is just a general UI usability request that could be hopefully considered?

The addition of a simple floating palette option for those of us that find the cones super fiddly would be awesome, that way no one loses anything they might like but the less dexterous of us have the option for way less frustration while we work?

In the case of ZModeler maybe a small viewport corner dock to quickly toggle Poly-Edges-Verts on or off so that the Space-bar menu locks to and only gives you those options making the need to hover precisely over the element you want less necessary and much less frustrating?

I love these tools I just think they can be refined a bit more from an ease of use and general usability perspective?

If It frustrates me, I can’t imagine how frustrating it might be for any person with far less physical motor control to make some of these selections?

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Anyone? :sweat_smile: