BPR Portrait


I have decided to try something using the new features and filters in new Zb3 BPR… That’s the result… In fact I still need to improve my skills using the huge amount of parameters on bpr but it’s I’ll try in a next project. This render is only ZBrush no Photoshop used to retouch, I only used 3dsmax to positioning the eyes.
Thank You :slight_smile:




ZBrush viewport.jpg

Very nice. I would love to see your settings.

Very good - I like it!

please tell, do you use Lightcap for the lighting materials ?

Same here!

Thank you guys for the comments

senatorgreaves: There are several things to adjust … I’m using 2 ligths 1 front ligth for shadows with some adjusts in the curve and 1 back light for sss (without shadow)… basically I’m using these adjustments in the shadows, ao, sss, transparency menus
setting 1.jpg
There are other adustments with the materials and mixer that you can discover :slight_smile:

Jerick, verb : Yes I’m using light cap but only for eyes reflects

Anothe one

Thank you :slight_smile:

cool render
just wanted to ask do you used a metcap and then texture it o just texture it on a basic material ?

Excellent work, Wandddo. Model and shader is great, congratulations!:+1:

nitrox721 : The matcaps was used on clothes for the skin is a quadshader based material with sss and polypaint. thank you

maurocor : Thank you Mauro :slight_smile:

Nice I like him.

Thank you Mr Baker! glad to hear from you!

Wow really nice!

Thank you Jason! glad you like it :slight_smile:

I find his eyebrows kinda funny but I do like his face a lot. I hope you go further on this model.

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the render is very impressive, espacially for the eyes,

thanks for sharing :cool:

FabioPaiva : Thanks for the comment Fabio. Yeah I need to improve somethings on this guy but I’ll try it some day perhaps… for now I’m working in another projects and really excited with this BPR new features:) Thank you man

ScOoz : Thank you for the comment :slight_smile: