BPR Filters > Filter Type

I’m trying to automate setting up BPR filters via zscript, it’s all going along great except for one small thing.
I am running into a road block trying to set the Filter Type. I can’t seem to figure out how to override and set a BPR filters type via Zscript.

Does anyone have any insight into this?




I don’t think it’s possible but I might be wrong (because you never know with zscripts). I tried this a while ago and couldn’t figure it out either. If you find the solution, share it !

Sadly I’ve not found a way to do this either. I’ve even tried simulated mouse clicks (using a DLL, not IClick) but couldn’t find a reliable way to be sure where the buttons were. If I find a way I’ll let you know!

i had a try myself, but after you can show the filter list there is no way to click/press any button.
there winId become
0// noise
2 // sharpen
3 // orton
4// glow

[iclick] it doesn’t work
[Iset] it can’t to work
[Ipress “Filter Type:Noise”] or [IPress, “Render:Bpr Filters:Noise”] doesn’t works too
[IModSet] isn’t compatible

well nothing is working

I appreciate you all taking the time to look into this with me. At least I can stop banging my head against a wall now that I know you all have experienced the same issues I have. =P

Thanks again