box modlin'

See the post Topology experiment by handlebar. It makes for really easy modelling. This thing took about an hour…

modlin stuff.jpg

That’s a great sketch, I like the style a lot.
It combines like an old woman with a young comic-style girl wearing a retainer. (Even though there is no retainer, the shape of the mouth looks a bit like there would be one.)

…style! :+1:

Wow ONE HOUR eh! Crikey.

If I tried that it would take me about one day, and wouldn’t be anywhere near as good.

Great design, very comical indeed.


This is so great. I love the style (as everyone has said so far). I hope you finish her and add a texture. Love the teeth…reminiscent of Jimmy Carter or one of the Osmonds.

Both evil people in my book! Also reminds me of condoleeza rice.

This looks great. You have convinced me to try Handlebars topology model. What a great tutorial.

1 hour eh… that’s great.

Oh I like this one very much! :wink:

Great style!!! I’ve been watching that topology thread. Need to give it a spin for sure. Be great to see it textured.


handlebar did us all proud!Thanks to him and well done ed_the_atomon such a proffesional looking job in such a short time!!

great, its amazing one can do that in an hour! you are very talented!

The little bit of topology to support the features in the face really helps doesn’t it?

Thanks peoples

Well I played some more, also with texture to a degree but textures are too time consuming to my mind. Instead I concentrated on fixing some older models, and changing some newer ones. I took models that had lost symmetry back to level one… resymmed them …added a few edge loops and wow… to put it midly. Hell and I have been waiting for a retopolgy programme to fix the things. I really should read the zbrush manual.

Hell Bill… I just saw your name… IOU a caricature:rolleyes: must remedy that.

Image of fixups using the Edgeloop…


And one last mesh fixup with added edgeloops and resym… needless to say…still working on it, as still ain’t lookin’ right yet…


George Bush Meets Prince Charles !!:laughing: :+1: cal

Awwww… He’s cute!