This is the chapter 1 BOSS designed by Keunju Kim for the Royal Blood game. I really like the designer’s expression of design elements

With a sense of fierce impact and strong visual experience, and a very handsome combination of elements, this CG work was remade from the perspective of fans.

This is also my first exposure to the complete CG production process, which took me 5 months. While familiarizing myself with the software process, I also carved models and production details. The process was not

It’s often difficult but also full of fun, and the feeling of putting together works bit by bit is great. Thank you very much to Professor Guang Yang of ROOTWORKSHOP for his guidance over the past 5 months,

It has greatly benefited me, and there are still many areas for improvement in my work. I hope everyone likes it.

Original Artist Portal: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/BK4rl




This is some hot stuff!

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Hot stuff? Burning I’d say :joy:, splendid work, amazing sculpting :star_struck: Thanks for sharing @WULONG_EGG and another help from Professor Guang Yang!!!

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Thumbs up! Your artistic vibes are contagious.