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Hi All!

So… For the last year or so I’ve been learning to model in Maya, then I discovered Zbrush. For the last couple of months I’ve been wrestling with it, trying to learn it’s mysterious ways and I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere. Recently I’ve been getting bogged down in the technical aspects of modelling and decided to go right back to basics and just sculpt.

I’ve been so inspired by the amazing images on this site for the last few months I thought it was about time I posted something myself. I found some amazing illustrations by an artist called Kevin Keele, he draws lovely stylized characters so they’re perfect for sculpting.

To keep things creative, fun and simple I gave myself 3 hours to create a model and sculpted with just Dynamesh and two brushes (clay buildup and Dam Standard). When I finished the model I used a couple of the clay brushes to add a bit of texture, rendered the model in Zbrush and tweaked it in Photoshop (I really need to learn how to composite images properly).

My next goal is to learn how to carry the high frequency detail of a model into Arnold/Maya so that I can have a mess around with some procedural materials that I’ve been creating, so far I’ve had mixed results but will keep plugging away at it.

Anyhoo, enough of my waffling, here’s my render, feel free to point and laugh or offer feedback. Cheers!


Just testing some render settings before moving on to a new sculpt.


Final test, time to move on.


Cool stuff, I like it!
Yes, the technical part of modeling becomes a burden. I too, only recently, after 20 years of doing this, started sculpting and stopped worrying about the technical stuff. However, I am semi-retired and do most stuff for myself. I don’t worry about rigging anymore.
Great work!

Thanks for the kind words @Tritt!

I really enjoy learning the technical stuff but I was finding that weeks would go by without me actually creating anything so it’s been really refreshing to just sculpt for a bit and not worry too much about anything else. Because of my job I only have limited free time so have to use it wisely otherwise I don’t get anywhere at all.

I was genuinely nervous about posting a render on here, there’s so many talented people but I’ve decided to keep posting my work as I make it so that hopefully the feedback (good and bad) will keep me pushing on.

Oh, and I like those NPR renders you posted, very cool :slight_smile:


Yes indeed, a lot of very talented people on this board. I know how you feel, always intimidating. As an art director, I learned over the years to not be intimidated by artists that were better than me. Instead, I utilized their talent to make my vision better and come to life, while learning from them too.

The artist uses the talent he has, wishing he had more talent. The talent uses the artist it has, wishing it had more artist. ~Robert Brault

Great work, I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Here’s a quick BPR render of my latest sculpt.

This time I’ve been focusing on cleaner lines and a more polished model. It’s based on a Kevin Keele illustration, he’s an awesome artist, check him out. It started as a speed sculpt but I decided to spend some more time tidying it up. There’s lots of things about this sculpt that I’m unhappy with but I’ve learned alot and am starting to feel really comfortable using my tablet with Zbrush.

Tomorrow (if I get time) I’m planning to finish it off, retopo and UV it so that I can take it into Arnold/Maya for some better renders. I’ve been really struggling with the workflow for taking displacement from Zbrush to Arnold but earlier today I cracked it, woooohooooooooooooo! I swear I could’ve punched the bloody sky when it worked.

Peace :slight_smile:

Stern man3.jpg

Nice sculpt! :+1: Kevin Keele is a boss indeed.

Cheers! If my daughter decides she actually needs sleep at any point this evening I’ll be taking it into Arnold ������

Finally found time to finish figuring out displacement maps and Arnold/Maya. For this mini-project I had 2 main goals: work on producing a cleaner sculpt in Zbrush and then to nail down the workflow from ZBrush to Maya for renders.

I’m really happy with the workflow now, it gave me a few headaches figuring it all out but I’m glad I did. My next goal is keep pushing on with my sculting and to learn to integrate Substance Painter/Designer into my workflow, I’ve used them before with hard modelling in Maya and love the results but not tried to take a detailed model from Zbrush into them yet so will have to figure it out.


This is a quick test render of a robot based on a Matt Dixon illustration to see how my new model is shaping up. I’ve decided to model something slightly more complex that I can have fun texturing, my main aim is to figure out the process of taking a model from ZBrush into Substance Painter and then rendering it in Arnold/Maya.

I’m figuring out Zmodeller so wanted to do some hard-modelling but had to take it back into Maya for some parts where I’m more comfortable manipulating the polygons. I need to tweak some proportions and then sculpt some fine detail to give him some character then I’ll see how I get on with the texturing.

Peace :slight_smile: