Boombuster (WIP)

Hi guys,
It’s my first time posting on ZbrushCentral and wanted to share my WIP of Naomi Chen’s concept, ‘Boombuster’, which I’m aiming to work on (and accordingly update WIPs) for the coming 7 weeks. I started using Zbrush about 6 months ago and am still trying to learn an efficient workflow for producing a high-detail sculpt. I’m really hoping to push the level of detail of this piece so C&C is greatly appreciated.
So far, I’m 1 week in and blocked out/ detailed the main pieces, the spine (C1, C2, C3-C7 and T1) and posed the body.





More parts of the clothes were added by extracting from the body, I started sketching in the folds as well:
Completed detailing the face and started detailing the horns:

Horn details are now complete!
I also spent the week refining the folds in the top. I’m still considering how to better position the pocket flaps because they look out of place still.

I’ve added some vein details to both the skull and also running up the neck:

The wheel was made in Maya and then brought in to help me pose the hand better. This is the closest to resembling the final composition although I am still in the process of detailing the hand, which is somewhat difficult as it is my first time trying to sculpt a realistic hand. I am also looking to detail the folds further down the pants and add shoes for a full character if time allows. A running skeleton also needs to be created and put inside the wheel, but that shall follow.


awesome ! looking forward to see the final one ! :slight_smile:

For week 5, I continued detailing and made shoes for completeness. I was also unwise and spent the rest of the week retopologising and UV unwrapping my posed sculpt.


Thanks so much ashraful_mobin ! Will be updating further on my current progress!

Continued retopologising and tested map baking in XNormal, Marmoset and Substance Painter.
Did a wireframe render and started working through Substance Painter for the first time to texture the model.

Final week of the project before submission for class assessment. Spent my time lighting and rendering the model in Marmoset.
Tested a BPR render in Zbrush initially.
Almost decided to render out of Substance Painter but preset images for lighting has limited tweakability and so I rendered the model in Marmoset.

I had initially planned to render with Renderman but did not have enough time and so that will be another thing I want to do properly soon.
Credits go to Academy of Art University for the stand-in model used in the hamster wheel which I needed for conceptual completeness upon submission. I am currently in the process of sculpting the skeleton to replace that model to complete the sculpt and so even though I’ve reached the end of the 8 week block for this project, I am determined to keep pushing it so that it can have even more life. Will be back to update some more once I get things set up in Maya for Renderman!