Boolean Cutter zscript suggestion


I was wondering if someone could create a script, or — even better — if the Pixologic developers could add a ZBrush function to do this:

1: Draw a shape in front of an active subtool, using any of the strokes you can use for creating slices and masks, such as the lasso stroke, circle stroke, etc…
2: The drawn shape is then extruded into a mesh that extends through the active subtool.
3: The extruded mesh is subtracted from the active subtool using Live Boolean.

For a script I guess a possible way to go might be to use the CurveTriFill brush to create the shape, then extrude it, assign a Group As Dynamesh Sub to it and use the Remesh By Union deformer. The disadvantage of this route is that you have to rely on drawing with a ZBrush curve for the CurveTriFill brush, in stead of being able to use the different strokes.

Many thanks in advance.

For inspiration here’s a video about a free add-on called Carver MT that’s included in the Blender release.

ShadowBox ?

Hi Pilou,

Shadowbox is a nice tool, but I’d like to cut sharp, arbitrary shapes from an already existing subtool. An automated combination of ZBrush stroke types and Live Boolean would be a powerful and fast tool for that.